Technical skills

I like to think of my self as a flexible worker in my field. I can design, develop and code almost anything i can think of, here are some of the fields I'm good at.

  • HTML / CSS 15 years
  • PHP / MySQL 13 years
  • JavaScript13 years
  • Linux SysAdmin 11 years
  • Prepress / Photoshop16 years
  • Java5 years

Portfolio View full

  • Hometown Evolution Inc.
  • Transfer Checkins
  • Pincart :: Pinterest like webshop
  • Statesman iReporter
  • NiteShip
  • Džidže piercing shop
  • Bane Kitchens and Interiors
  • AutoCacak used cars
  • BBS Consulting Agency
  • Džidže Affiliate system
  • MojBoks free email system
  • MojAuto Used Cars
  • EmilDesign Tshirt shop
  • Photo Gifts
  • Dzidze Iphone webshop
  • Linkeri post Exporter
  • Probitas Non-Government Organization
  • 5do12 news portal
  • StudioDesigned
  • Dzidze Piercing Blog
  • Two star hotel
  • Kazani za rakiju
  • Majice mobi
  • Pannova Boating
  • Mungos Badge shop
  • MojAuto Magazine
  • Rosalia Flower shop
  • Rubin Jewerly
  • Sajt Info  - Website worth
  • Cleancy cleaning
  • Banners for Dzidze
  • Svastara - Local classifieds

Work and experience
2017 - current


Capella is a Hard Money Lender located in Las Vegas, NV. Been with the company on/off from 2013. Officially moved to Vegas in 2018 into the position CTO.
My work here

  • Manage all development and new software implementation.
  • Build out comprehensive LOS system for Loan management
2015 - 2016

Senior Developer

Laundrapp is one of London’s most exciting start-ups. Our unique app is revolutionising the laundry and dry cleaning industry across the UK.
My work here

  • Manage/Develop driver app API and the Routing System (VRP)
  • Managing multiple servers
  • Planing, development and deploying of new features
2014 - 2015

VP of engineering is all about lowering the barrier to enjoy fitness. Breaking down the fitness classes into affordable portions so that you can try out as many as you like.
My work here

  • Managing the developer team
  • Managing multiple servers and a Elastic Search server
  • Planing, developing and deploying new functions

Acquaint Financial
2012 - 2014

Senior developer

Acquaint is a industry leading online financial education, planning and counseling service. Members can access videos, financial modeling tools, articles, learning modules, assessments, create a financial plan and much more.
My work here

  • Managing Servers
  • Planning and development of financial tools

Ittero Inc
2011 - present

Senior Consultant Developer

Campayn is a online email marketing tool that helps companies send thousands of emails to their subscribers with ease.

Ringier Axel Springer
2011 - 2012

Senior developer

RAS is the biggest and best Print and Web co in Serbia. This is a great opportunity and i'm exited to work here.
Some of the stuff in RAS worth mentioning.

  • 1# Website in Serbia according to Alexa is (a RAS website)
  • RAS i spread out all over the world. Just google them.
  • RAS Serbia has about 10 websites and as many printed media.

MojAuto used cars (Svastara DOO)
2008 - 2011

Senior developer

MojAuto is the leading site for used cars in Serbia. With about 1.5 million visits and 30 million page views a month. My job here is development, testing and implementation of new code, maintenance of old code. And im the lead in the 4 man crew.
Work worth mentioning

  • Export of ads to PDF with options to organise advertisement, articles, etc.. with a simple GUI built on jQuery and is used for the print of the MojAuto Magazine.
  • Search of ads with the options to see possible results for each option selected.
  • Very detailed newsletter with hundreds of selectable options.
  • SMS phone number confirmation.
  • And lots more...

Dzidze Body Piercing Shop
2009 - present

Senior developer / Owner

Dzidze started as a project called "Why not" and turned into a successful shop. In Serbia there was no quality piercing jewellery, and what was here was overpriced.
Work worth mentioning

  • Full Magento based web shop with lots of custom parts
  • Custom template
  • Logo design
  • Custom credit card processing with Serbian banks (vary difficult to accomplish in this country)
  • Two tier affiliate system
  • Blog


Polytechnical Engineering College in Subotica

Programming, Databases, Software Development, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Computer Architecture and Organisation.

Economics College in Subotica

Individual classes

MIT - Computer Science and Programming Using Python Certificate